I had the pleasure to teach for 31 years. Since being hit by a car at the age of 17 I have dealt with insomnia. Well health catches up to you as you get older. Three years ago my insomnia became very bad and I went to a doctor who perscribed me a drug called Seraquel. It helped me sleep but it activated my depression and anxiety very badly. I had to go out on medical leave to get my depression under control.

While out on FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) i started researching the side effects of Seraquel. It turns out the bad depression and anxiety was from the meds. The drug has been recalled by the FDA.

After I stopped taking the Medicine which helped me sleep, my anxiety and depression disappeard. I talked with the doctor and he cleared me to retuen to work. This is were all the fun began.

I called the district and informed them i was ready to return. They said no and i went tot he union for help and the fun even got greater. The school district and i settled so I am not allowed to speak of what happened.

I did not sign agreement witht he union so I will explain everything abouthow in my opinion the Union failed miserably in protecting me. Normal procedure when you have an issue with administration, is to go to the Association and asked to grieve the complaint. First step is to contact your union representative and the union then will contact the Uni Serve rep.

In order to keep myself from having to deal with any attorneys from various parties, I will not mention real names and use code words for these people. So I went to see Red Rooster/Chicken Little aka MM and gave him my complaint. He called the rep from PSEA"Pennsylvania State education Association" who sent over Mr. Chips. As Mr. Chips and I began to speak it was immediately known to me that he was an idot. He told me that preventing me from coming back to work was not a contractual issue. I informed him that because I have two separate diseases which are recognized by the ADA,"American Disability Act" that was a contractual issue. At that moment I requested to speak to the attorney that represents PSEA and he said I am the gatekeeper and I'm not letting you talk to the attorney . Mr. Chips and I went round and round and round for six weeks. He made comments such as, "all you want is for the school district to be your cash cow." Having them say that was totally unprofessional because I never said anything about money. All I wanted to do was go back and teach and help young people. Meanwhile Red Rooster and I were in t contact and he suggested that I just show up and they have to let me teach. Why would I go to a building where I was told not to enter because of being on medical leave. I later found out that if I would've done that I would've been fired and lost my complete pension. Six weeks later I spoke with the attorney for PSEA and she immediately informed HTEA to file a grievance. In the meantime I hired my own attorney which cost me a lot of my own money because HTEA was not protecting me. I did settle with the district and my gripe and aggravation is with HTEA and the Red Rooster or we can also call Him Chicken Little.

After a settlement with the district was done I got a copy of my new schedule in which the district had strip me of all my AP classes except for one. I need to also remind you that I was department chair for over 15 years. I have won numerous teaching awards that I did not talk about with anybody because awards me nothing on the surface. THis me to work hard and be even better. I won The Daughters of American Revolution Teaching Award. This is not given to anybody.

Those who know me well know I care more about teaching that I did about myself. To watch a young person grow and develop was my goal, not to win an award.

The union failed me again when they saw my schedule and refused to grieve my schedule. A tradition at Haverford since I was there was to have a luncheon for all retirees in which people can express their gratitude, make fun of you or anything else. I was not afforded that opportunity nor do I want that. . Another tradition was that each teacher received a gift from the union/Association commemorating their many years of service. That did not happen either

Perhaps the worst atrocity was the head of the Association telling members during my fight with the district not to have any contact with me in fear of them being dragged into a lawsuit. At that moment I lost all my teaching friends and colleagues and to this day I only speak to one or two people. Red Rooster has blackballed me.

I believe the only way justice is to be served is to make this a public issue. When Mr. Chicken Little took over the reins of HTEA many bizarre things happened.

He protected a drunk, and a pedophile and he will say he didn't but the truth is he did. The drunk did not lose his teaching assignments nor his coaching assignment. The pedophile god only knows what was done. He is no longer in the building. After teaching 31 years I had one blemish on my record in which a young lady accuse me of taking her cell phone out of her back pocket while she was sitting in a chair in my room most of you who I taught were into the rooms and there's no way in hell I could've done that. The school district investigated called every single one of the students in the class not once but twice and nobody could cooperate her story. Here's where it gets funny, I was still written up. After the meeting I asked Mr. Chicken Little to grieve the inappropriate write up. He said he would bring it to the executive board and talk to them. Unbeknownst to Mr. Chicken Little one of my dearest friends was on the board of HTEA. She called me that night in disgust telling me that Mr. Chicken Little said that I was a big boy and I can handle it. When dealing with the district and talking to the PSEA lawyer she asked Mr. Chicken Little why didn't you grieve this. He shrugged his shoulders and said I made a mistake. Yes he did make a mistake I didn't do anything inappropriate, I should never had a letter, but now I do.

I spent 31 years paying into an association and when it was time for them to help me they did not.

I could go on longer and longer, but it's not about me it's about I was not allowed to help more students grow, learn and develop. I did not ask much from anybody as a teacher. I asked my students to be honest, to learn, and to grow.

The help I'm seeking from you is plain and simple. I would appreciate any help in the way of making this public. I will give you an address where you can start a letter campaign, a Facebook page, a twitter feed, and so forth. I want my story to be heard not just for me but to prevent any other teacher in the Havertown School District from being hurt. Again it is not the district that will hurt them but their own Association.

When you work in a place for so many years this many dark secrets that you know about. Inappropriate behavior from district employees all the way up to the superintendent's office. People confided in me about many things that were going on.

If you think I helped you send a letter to the:

Haverford High School
c/o President of HTEA
200 Mill Rd.
Havertown PA, 19083.

Right him a letter and asked him why he feels it's appropriate to treat me with such disdain. Ask him to please write you back. Do not ask them to email you, everything needs to be on paper.

If you feel so inclined contact local newspapers, TV stations and so forth and asked them to investigate why was I treated that way. If I do it, it will not have as much impact and as a forer parent or student. Havertown likes peace and quiet when it comes to publicity. They tend not to want to talk about the bad.

Help out an old teacher who helped you. Help me regain my dignity. I don't want a luncheon, I don't want to gift but I do feel sad that only one or two people from the district talk to me anymore. They don't need to call me but how is it fair that I wasn't even given a chance to say goodbye. Mr. Chicken Little told him I wanted nothing to do with them. We both know that is incorrect. I saved at least 10 teaching positions when I was a department chairman or a member of the executive board of HTEA.

When the time came I was ignored and discarded like a piece of trash. You can email me at

Brad Siegerman@Gmail.com if you want further information. Surf the web and see some of the atrocities that took place in your own school district. If you live in the school district you have right to ask questions. Any question they will not answer I will provide you honest answers. BY the way Mr. Chicken Little has called the police on me and said Iwas harrassing him. I am not whcih means he has falsified a police report. I will be filing a complaint against him when i can get back to Havertown.


I want to thank you form the bottom of my heart. I will continue to do podcast and live stream videos. Stay turned.